Hi everyone! I got the chance to update my travel blog here at work orz

Sorry for the long hiatus, i really don’t have much time on updating this blog. I hope you all understand.

But i won’t leave forever, i guess.

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Vaison-la-Romaine, France (by Lee Warren Photography)

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Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Vienna (by Nina Wöss)

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Moominworld in Naantali, Finland

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Lisbon, Portugal

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Look who’s back for how many years, okay this is too much exaggerating.

Okay so i know i have been gone for a month, not only a month actually, and i really apologize for haven’t been on forever here. I’m busy with school and i’m preparing for my on the job training in a certain airline soon. Alas, my course is related to travel and tours, so my love for wandering or traveling will never fade. I’m expecting a lot of you would unfollow me but when i get back i still see the same amount of followers. Thank you guys so much for staying when i’m on hiatus. I feel so ashamed about it.

I’m currently blogging on my phone rn, and i don’t find it difficult to reblog photos here. So if i got nothing to do, i can spend my time here. Great.

I’ll be posting my photos on China when i use the laptop.

Thank you so much for bearing with me.

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Heyy! So I found a sweet way to get a lot of followers and reblogs. Weird. For some reason I cannot post links but lets see if this works followhypе(.)com

Sorry for the late reply whoever you are, but i don’t actually care. No thanks.

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San Francisco, California

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Jiuzhaigou Valley, China

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